Monday, January 3, 2011

Raspberry Yogurt Salad...

Have I added this before??? Doesn't matter Im doing it again because this is theee easiest salad you'll ever make and one everyone will beg you to make..
Here you go..are you ready...
1 Large Container (32 ounce) of Raspberry Low fat Yogurt
1 16 0z tub of frozen strawberries with or without syrup (defrosted)
1 8 0z tub of cool whip
3 to 4  banana's sliced

you can add walnuts if you'd like and I would but my family would not, so I don't!!
Mix all together put in pretty bowl, because it is pretty and you have a salad that is pretty and yummy for your tummy..I make this mostly on special occasions, I'm not sure why but I want it to be special..Recipe came from my Sister in law..Thanks Cristy!!