Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet Pork Burritos

 Ok..are you ready for the yummiest crock pot pork ever in the history of the world??  Really it is that good..
My sweet brothers family is visiting and I wanted something that was good and feed a lot of people,  this recipe was in our RS news letter and it is so simple, a no brainier or skill, my kind of recipe..

Shoulder Pork Roast works the best for this 2 one for tonight and one for your freezer because you are going to want to make this again..Have I convinced you its good? you can buy any size you need for your family, I bought a big one, great for left overs..

Next put in crock pot..pour as much salsa as you like, I put about 2 cups in, just enough to cover the roast good, then add a ton of brown sugar again maybe 2 cups..I was very generous because the recipe I was given just said "lots" of brown sugar..

Now cook on low for about 8 can put this in and cook overnight and warm it back up when you need it..shred meat..

Now have flour torts ready and put out all the fixings for a huge burrito, things I put out..
warmed flour tortillas
sour cream
fun for a large group of people as they can fix it the way they like..Hope you enjoy it as much as we would be good on rice also..Served it with Black Beans, recipe is from best bites cookbook, but you can go here also..Enjoy!!