Sunday, August 23, 2015

Navajo Taco the Simple version

Growing up in Moab Utah we lived by the Navajo Indian reservation and my dad worked as a Social Worker on the reservation at times. Not sure if that was when we started having Navajo tacos for dinner, but they were my favorite meal.

So after a visit to my Parents a few weeks ago and a trip to a little county fair and a Navajo taco stand, I decided to look on Pintrest for a recipe and I found a fast and easy method and here is the result, Jerry started eating before I could get a good picture, but I took one anyway..I did modify the recipe just a bit to accustom to our taste, so here's what I did but you can add or take away anything you want,  ENJOY

Navajo Tacos
  • Rhodes Rolls
  • Vegetable Oil
  1. Heat a small pot of oil on the stove. You’ll want it to be about 3-4 inches deep- just enough oil in the bottom to completely cover the dough while frying it.
  2. Meanwhile, place 3-4 frozen bread rolls on a plate in the microwave and cook them for 30-45 seconds. You just want them to be soft enough to flatten out, but if you cook them any longer they will start to harden around the edges or take out the dough balls you need and leave on counter for about an hour.
  3. Using your hands, flatten the soft dough into pancake-like saucers.  1 roll is perfect for a kid-sized portion, but if you have some hungry adults, combine 3-4 rolls of dough and flatten them together.
  4. Carefully place your flattened dough (1 at a time)  into the oil and watch it carefully as it begins to brown. If it gets too brown too quick, your oil is too hot. Use metal tongs to flip the dough as needed to ensure the entire piece is golden and cooked through.
  5. Remove the fry bread from the oil on a plate lined with paper towels to absorb left-over oil. Dab each piece with more paper towels as necessary.
  6. Repeat until you have enough fry bread for everyone.
  7. You can also do dessert taco, by adding butter and fresh fruit and whipped cream. YUM..


Use any 2 cans (15 oz.) of beans you like .. Kidney, Pinto, Refined beans, I like the Chili Con Carne, Just 2 of your favorite kinds, cooked ground beef and 1 cup salsa.
Heat all together..

Spoon on top of the fried bread and top with any or all of the toppings:
Cooked corn
Sour Cream