Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Cupcake order..More fun..

This is what I used to make the mini Cupcake on top..Bought the little cherry berries from Michaels Crafts..you just put frosting on the Reeces cup and put the little cherry berries ball on top and you have the cutest little cupcake ever..
I've never tried making RED VELVET cupcakes before, but it was fun and they are very red, they call for a lot of red food coloring and it was everywhere when I was done.. they were one of the favorite at the party I was told..they are a denser cupcake but the frosting is what always makes them better..Go here for the recipe..
Cherry Chocolate, Just a chocolate cupcake recipe with this frosting and this time I dipped the cherries in white chocolate with sprinkles..
Luscious Lemon, always, always a hit every time..they are on the same blog as the Red Velvet..Homebased Mom, love her recipes..shes a genius in the kitchen. The cute Cherry cutouts are on my other blog..